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7 February 2018 Superintendent Message


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The second semester of the school year began on January 3, 2018 and believe it or not, 3rd quarter mid-terms are scheduled for February 2, 2018.  It doesn’t seem possible that time should pass as quickly as it does.  The weather this winter has been difficult, always keeping us on our toes.  Sunny one day; cold and snowy the next.  At least we know that spring will be here before long.  The District monitors student attendance by the hour when it comes to early/late starts and school cancellation due to weather.  Currently we have missed 15 hours of school due to weather.  We have some extra hours built into the calendar, so not all of the missed hours will need to be made up.  Any hours that need to be made up will be added on to the end of the school calendar.

During the week of February 5th, the district will hold parent-teacher conferences.  The conferences will be held on Wednesday, February 7th and Thursday, February 8th.  There is a 90-minute early dismissal both days!  It is very important to take this opportunity to visit with your child’s teachers regarding their performance and how we can work together to provide the best possible education for your child.  If parents and teachers work together, great things can happen!  Just a reminder:  there will be no school on Friday, February 9th or Monday, February 12th due to conferences and professional development.

The District has been working towards full implementation of Standards Referenced Grading.  The teaching staff have been working towards finalizing pacing guides, instructional guides, and proficiency scales.  

Pacing Guides are sometimes referred to as a curriculum map, scope and sequence, instructional calendar, or a course road map.  The pacing guide is specific to a content area and details when particular content standards should be taught and/or assessed.  The teachers at CCSD have been working on pacing guides.  They are available on the District website: www.chariton.k12.ia.us.  You will find them under the following tabs:  district – academics – curriculum – then select the building.  You can also find them by clicking here:  Van Allen, Columbus, Middle School, High School

This is a work in progress, with our goal to have all of the pacing guides up to date by the end of the school year.  Parents and students will find these helpful in understanding which standards the teachers are working on in the classroom and how to support their students.  These pacing guides are just that, “a guide”.  They will not always line up 100% of the time.  They are not meant to restrict teachers from spending additional time or less time on any particular standard, it is meant to be a guide.

If you have any questions regarding pacing guides, please contact your child’s teacher or building administrator.  We are looking forward to seeing all of the parents at conferences!