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Kindergarten News

September 9, 2016


        This week in math, we have reviewed shapes.  We have reviewed writing 1s and 2s.  Have us practice writing 1s and 2s.  We have solved equations to decide if they are true.  We solved a story problem about a sea lion and its balls. 

        Keara’s mom came by to see us Tuesday morning.  She had been at Hy-Vee getting Kool-Aid pouches when she found “K” and “k” and Krave cereal, so she brought these things to us. 

        Riley was called to the office Wednesday morning.  She came back with “Z” and “z” and zebra cakes.  Kingsley announced that Riley’s last name, Zeciri, starts with Z.

        Thursday afternoon, Police Officer Ruble stopped by Columbus.  He was driving by the pool in his patrol car when he found “P”, “p”, a book about police officers, and a pepperoni pizza, so he brought those to us.  We enjoyed an extra snack of pancakes that morning too.   

Tuesday morning, we went down to the library to do the MAP testing in the computer lab and the FAST testing with the Reading teachers. 

        We had a PBIS assembly Wednesday morning.  L.C., our school mascot, and some teachers, talked to us about “Being Respectful, Being Responsible, and Being Safe.”  We also visited the Charger Store to see the items we can buy with our Charger Cash.

        Our hopes of greeting RVTV as they came into Chariton were washed away Wednesday when the floodgates of heaven opened up and soaked us.  I am sure we will all remember the day RVTV came to town!  

        Thursday morning, we welcomed high school student Kennedy Gall to our class.  She will be coming on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to help us

Our “star” this week has been Maci.  Her mom was a guest reader for us Friday morning.  She read The Magnetic ABC Book.  Then she joined us for lunch.

Our vocabulary words for the week have been: 

                        soar – to fly high

                       tangled – to be twisted up

                       snooze – to sleep

                       drowsy – to feel tired 


        More students were named “Kids of Character” on the announcements this week.   

Riley picked up books in the library that had been left on the floor.  Lexi and Chloe sat with a student at lunch who was feeling sad.   

****Some students still need to bring a shirt for art, and some students need to bring back their art shirt from wearing it on Wednesday.


        Have a good weekend!

                                                J  KA