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8th Grade Literature

Mrs. Goldsmith


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In 8th grade Literature, the theme of the entire year is "coming of age".  Middle school aged young adults are wide open to new and changing thoughts and they enjoy reading about others of their age who have experienced, overcome, enjoyed and triumphed over life's challenges. 

Our focuses are:

  • analyzing the text using structure, characters, setting, plot and conflict
  • determing theme (lesson) of the book
  • identifying and citing textual evidence
  • drawing inferences and defending them with support from the text

Much of the work in my classroom is project based following the reading of a novel.  Students work on a variety of methods to record and retain information as material is read.  A goal for them is to increase the actual time they are focused on reading. 

Work is assessed on a 4 point scale with the following marks:  (Please note that this is presented from the student point of view.)

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If there is ever any question about your student, my class or my grading, please contact me.

It is an honor to be a part of your student's life.  Thank you!

Mrs. Goldsmith