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Skyler Barning



I woke up this morning to find a picture on my phone of me sitting up right in my bed. The creepy thing is I live alone. I couldn't believe the sight of me sitting up right staring at my camera like I knew that someone was taking the photo. The weird thing is that I have been having weird event’s happen to me earlier. Like last week I kept hearing little voices saying stuff like I seen you,I know what you did, or even Why did you do it. This whole time I didn't think anything of it,but last night was different tonight is all hallows eve and i'm putting video cameras up and putting them around my home. I also feel like something is following me the cold presence is just scary. Well I got my boyfriend coming over tonight we are gonna go out with friends to dinner. So I will see you guys later.


Guys I have some weird news ok we went out to this fancy restaurant called russell pasta and once we got there a man in a black tuxedo led us to our seats. We sat down and once we sat down the guy normally said what would you like to drink. I ordered just a water and we waited chatted and enjoyed talking. A waiter walked by and “tripped” and knocked all the stuff on my friend. A burning hot pasta and a shrimp entry.He chuckled and kept walking. Again that same waiter “tripped” and knocked a hot bowl of shrimp soup all over my boyfriend. He chuckled and walked off. This time I was waiting for him,out of the corner of my eye I seen him but he didn't seem to happy. He knew I was watching again he came out of the kitchen area and had a whole circular tray full of hot soup. Right before I could move he dumped it on me. The scolding pasta hit my leg and felt like lava. I looked around and no one was in the restaurant and it was just me and him. But he said “I have a warning for you from a dark presence in your home.” Pause right there see now add that up with what I told you in my last entry. Resume,I didn't know what to say but I knew something wasn't right. I stood up “Well what does it have to say”. “It wants you gone and not to return”. I ran out the door and didn't stop but “BAM”



Guys I have horrible news I was hit by a car last night around 9:00 P.M and I broke my leg and my right foot. Nothing too serious but it’s weird i'm home now and again I hear the voices. The terrifying voices,The one that makes me go insane. Well good night guys I will see you in the morning.


Well guys It's official I'm going insane. I scream at anyone who talks to me,I stay in my room all day and don't eat i'm starting to lose a lot of weight. I'm done guys this is the last time you will ever hear from me I can't do this Vlogging anymore.




Female the age of twenty three has been reported possibly dead. She hasn't been seen for three days. Her boyfriend Thomas Carlyle Has reported that she was having weird experiences at home for a month. He said and I quote”She said she was hearing voices of despair and evil She said she was going insane” It has been believed she locked herself in her house and starved herself. Police are investigating the scene now. “Oh Ok Yup Thank you sir” Just in sara had starved herself to death there was a note on her stand declaring. She couldn't take the insanity she was scared. They believe the death of sara was caused by the voices in her head. That’s all for tonight We will see you tomorrow Michal thompson news reporter for KJ 31.


Hey guys as you know Sara has passed I feel horrible I don't know if I will be vlogging for a while I just need a break guys. Oh I almost forgot the voices of Sara are with me I hear her saying stuff like “I'm sorry,I hate you,Your next”. I know it is her because when I got out of my shower yesterday the foggy class had a message on it. It read “I'm back” The feeling of dread swept over me. Ever since the voices haunt me. I think it's all in my head Im seeing and hearing things.



    Guys this is my last vlog I am done with vlogging you won't see me anymore I have locked myself in my room and I haven't ate in weeks.