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Newscasts by Period 6 Language Arts


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Indian Hill’s College

By: Whitney Barber        


On November 6th, 8th grade only will be going to Indian Hills College. Eighth grade will be leaving round eight.Two weeks before they filled out a form on their computers to go.


This girl named Whitney Barber filled out a form to go to. She had to pick what class she would like to see so she typed down, Veterinary, Agricultural community, or  Diesel power and truck driving. She also typed her  shirt size because all kids will be getting  a shirt. There was some other class that people could take. There were some classes like Police/ Probation officer, Nursing, Firefighter, a cooking class, laser tec., and so many others.


The 8th graders are really looking forward to going the Indian Hill College. Samantha Dyer quoted “ I think that it is good for us to go so that way you know a little bit about what job you're getting into”. Jacob Halligan also quoted “ It sounds fun”.



On Sunday afternoon kamren chipp got in a dirt bike accident he was riding his YZ80 yamaha with ty and hunter. When they got out on the dirt bike track they started off in a race flying through the jumps, ty on the four wheeler got donkey kicked on the double  and so he slowed down and rolled over on the other jump kamren was going over the same jump as ty but he was on the back side of it so he couldn't see him  kamren went flying over the jump and hit the four wheelers handle bars and dos a flip and an half and smacks his head on the dirt and he was out lying next to the dirt bike. He got life flighted to iowa city and recovered in a few days.


                    The Journey to Central College

                                By:Paige Farrell


Coaches of the CMS 7th and 8th grade volleyball team visit Pella for a night they will hopefully never forget.


The Coaches, Chelsey Arnold, and Sue Rae took the whole volleyball team to Central College in Pella October 20, 2015. Everyone got on the bus, and by 6:15 they were off! On the way there each person either chatted with a friend, laughed, took selfies, or slept the whole time.


Once the group got there everyone hustled into the building like a herd of elephants. The team gathered at the gym doors to find a seat in the back. Everyone sat together and watched Central College play. Even though they lost everyone had fun

eating, watching, cheering, and talking during the game. When the game was finished everyone ran to the bus to get the best seat they could. On their way back everyone had a blast, and a hour drive, felt like a twenty minute drive home. A quote from Paige Farrell, a student who went to the game said, “I had a lot of fun, and would totally do it again.”


It’s a great idea to take a middle school team to a college game. It teaches the students teamwork, strategies, and the game. If you are a coach I suggest you to do the same thing, because even though you're just watching, it's a lot more than that.



October 20th  the CMS  volleyball players 7th and 8th grade teams   went on an hour drive on a bus to go to the pella volleyball game.


When they got there pella is  playing the first round and they  were winning then they lost that match the reason they went their is so they can learn how to play volleyball. so they went to the gym and sat on the top of the bleachers and they had watched the game they had played another dimension three team


The middle school girls were impressed when they jumped to serve the ball and they jumped to set and spike. They were also impressed when they blocked the ball then the other team blocked it too and then it hit the floor. The other team was excited that they got the point.


Chelsy Arnold loved taking the 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams to watch fast pace- good volleyball. “I think there are so many benefits to seeing how volleyball is supposed to be played so the players can have a goal to work toward.”


Ames Haunted Forest by:jordan jackson

In ames iowa holds one of most famous haunted forest in iowa with scares around every corner. The tickets are 15 dollars a person and a line with over 60 people waiting in it to go through the scary attraction.

first there is a little box you fit in then it spends so the person in the back goes first. Then you navigate through a pitch black room to get outside once you're outside the scares begin. behind trees and tarps lie the actors wearing there scariest mask waiting for you.

Then you walk into another room that's pitch black but you half to walk across a bridge that is being shaked. then you walk into a room that doesn't look like much just a bridge and a spinning wall.

Once you start walking you get the illusion that you are falling sideways but you're just walking on a straight bridge. after that you keep walking through the forest full of jumpscares till you get to a room with lights that flash fast and nonstop with a man standing in the middle running at you.

The door is hidden so you have to feel the wall till you find the exit.



                            Payton Lavender


Hunting is the most exciting time of the year because all the hunters want a deer in their freezer. Then all the hunters want that trophy buck on their wall so they can brag about it. Other hunters just want meat to eat. Like this one hunter I interviewed a hunter who knows the area really well and has been hunting this land for awhile now. His father gave him this land to farm but he hunts it to. He lives in Wyoming by the Powder River and he has at least 100 acres. He likes to hunt big game like elk,moose,and black bear. He has a lot of trophy on his wall in a room that he also has his guns in a safe. He has been under these western skies since he was a little kid.


His dad settled the land in 1989 and Joe was born in 1994 and he got introduced to hunting when was only 10 years old. He has liked hunting ever since that day and also he has wanted to hunt big game for a long time but he wasn't old enough until he was 16 and then he was old enough to hunt big game by himself.


Hunting it's when every man or woman can shoot that big buck with a shotgun,muzzleloader,bow and arrow,youth and disabled people. Then they usually have certain seasons for every weapon. So that everyone that has a different weapon has a chance of getting a deer or there dream buck. So I talked to the DNR and they said that everyone who hunts need a license or for the younger people need a permit to shoot a gun or bow and arrow. I traveled across the country talking to everyone who hunts and the game that they shoot most common one is white tail deer.


Community College Visit for 8th Graders

Travis Olson, reporter


Friday, November 6 will be an important day for CMS 8th grade students. On that day they will attend Indian Hills Community College to explore careers of their choice.


In reading class students chose sessions to work on careers they might like when they are done with high school. All students get a t-shirt and a free lunch. Students picked 3 classes and 2 others as alternates.


Students are looking forward to hearing about  their careers. Travis Olson said, “IHCC is a cool college and I look forward to checking it out.”



    Today the little kids in the front were playing and the kids in the middle looked really tired because the kids were lying down trying to get a little more sleep. The bus driver kept on slowing down because this elderly  lady or man was going so slow, this person in a white truck past the bus and the elderly car. One morning the bus driver slammed on the sled tears brakes so hard that everyone went forward, and some kids hit there head on the other seat in front of them. Some of the kids thought that it was cool that the bus driver slammed on the bracks, half of the kids on the bus were making a big deal about it. That day after school everyone got on the bus and the bus driver started to go, when we got onto highway 14 and started to go towards williamson we had to stop and wait tell the cars went by because the highway was getting worked on, it took forever for all the cars to go. The bus driver started to turn to the williamson road and she hit the curb and everyone said wooo and some girls in the front laughed. This boy was sleeping in the front and his big sister woke him up before we got to the bus stop.  


      First quarter is over             

By: Rebeka Peek

On October 23 it the end of the first quarter at Chariton Middle School. Students battle to get their late homework in and. As the year just began kids not ready for their parent to see the first quarter grades. But first quarter is gone and second quarter is here.


Kids are beginning to worry and panic as the date gets closer and closer some kids just want to give up and quiet or just pull out their hair in frustration  and other work harder than ever to make the due date. Some kids are starting to check off their friend and make their last days count.Student really don’t like grades and report cards. I caught up to Ms.Rebeka peek the other day and this is what she had to say about the end of the quarter. “Ya it’s definitely tough trying to get all your grades up in a short amount of time, My Sarah Peek rules are all grades have to be B- and above if not she gets free labor”. Bad grade mean more work for Beka.


All the kids here in Chariton Middle School are get ready for a new quarter and new sports basketball is back the kids had their first practice on Tuesday after school. This school has the rule if you have more than one F you can’t play any sports; you are unable. Chariton is a small town but it has small town morales, I think that's what I like about this town.


In Chariton,So as the kids wait and wait longer they have to do test and quizzes and walk down the same white hallways with black and white tiled floor to their class every half hour or less. But in this week grades are do kids hurry to turn in everything they can find that’s late but some kids look at it as “one quarter down three to go”. When Monday comes when parent see those grades some kids will be ok with their A and B but for the kids with D and F. But for now the first quarter is gone and here comes the second quarter it’s here.


Strong Performance from Eighth Grade Football.

Riley Reece


It was a beautiful day for the last game for the 8th grade football game to be played on. They had

a tough task ahead in Centerville and their 3-0 record. Many people around town said that this is the biggest game for them.


The 8th grade football team came into the game 3-2 and we're looking for a big win over the Big Reds. The Chargers had been known as one of the up and coming grades into high school and head coach Curt Smyser said he's looking forward to working with these talented young kids. He followed that with saying “they are good but they still have tons and tons of potential”.


The Chargers had a very strong performance winning over the Big Reds 30-8. The lineman blocked well the running back ran well and there weren't fumbles like in the previous games.

Reece and Cain led the team with 8 tackles each followed by Dennis Zinchenko and Hunter Koehn each having seven. “They played their best game of the year in my opinion” said Coach Schooley after the game.


The 8th grade boys have had nothing but success the last three years having not lost one game in their 5th and 6th grade years and just losing 1 their last year.


“They have lots of potential. But it takes work to get better in every sport” said Coach Smyser the Varsity head coach. He followed by saying “it's all in their hands now and depends on how bad they want a championship someday”.


Mr. Pierschbacher told the kids to line up, they said the pledge of allegiance and he sent the attendance and they finished the round robin. In the Final game it can down to our team vs their team we were down by 13 and we started coming back. We got 9 points with one person serving (peyton lavender). Then it was Nick's turn to serve for his team and he can’t serve at all  he shanked it and it went flying across the gym. Our point  Patriot's turn to serve. (he can not serve) he hit the ceiling. Their point Riley ( the volleyball player) was up to serve “(GREAT)” and the game was over. 22 to 25.  



Cms wrestling    

Chandler Swanson          


 Cms wrestling starts on November 9.  Most of the people that wrestled just can’t wait for it to start again, most of other people are ready to takedown and pin kids again like last year.


 Most wrestlers won most of their matches they had.  Most of the wrestlers  went 28 matches out of 32.  

Jordan Jackson won the most out of the wrestling team. Chandler Swanson winning average was about 50% percent out of the most.


Wrestling coach is Mr. Anderson the science teacher at the Chariton High School for 10 grade. And assistant coach is Mr. Fassbinder the chemistry teacher at The high school as well. Mostly everybody that wrestled last year is doing it again which are most of the same wrestlers.  Most of the kids at CMS like sports at least half of the middle school students like sports or are in sports recently referring to football, XC, volleyball.


Wrestling is a fun sport just like any other sports. Most of the wrestlers are going to start going to weight room or snap fitness to cut down on weight, or try and gain weight for a challenge for themselves. Wrestlers at least have 3 matches per meet some have 1-2 or have none depending on the weight class their in.


Families waiting for their kids to start wrestling.  



The Walk

       Hannah Thatcher

On October 3, 2015 Chariton Iowa Middle School participated in Iowa’s healthiest walk.

The Iowa Healthiest Walk initiative has been held annually for five years.  This is the first year all 99 counties participated in the walk.  It was called, Walk at the Whistle, because they wanted people from schools, businesses and communities to incorporate fire safety with their walk.


The bell rang and everyone went to advisory. When they got there, their advisory teacher talked to them and said ,“today we are going to the track for Iowa’s healthiest walk.”  Mr. Fuhs got on the intercom and said ,”all advisory classes can now head to the track.” All the students and teachers headed to the track.


As they walked the track , some students were running and others were walking. One boy was running around the track when Mr. Manson stopped him and said ,“ we are supposed to be walking not running, and if I see you running again you will get detention.” After he said that, the kid sadly walked away and walked the whole rest of the time.


Some students got in trouble, but didn’t care, they just kept running. After almost a mile you could hear advisory teachers yelling for their students. As students finished walking, they slowly headed over to their teachers. Some students went with their friends to different classes. Then the students realized they had to go to their advisory teachers. Finally all the students got to the right teachers and headed back to their class.

I would like to say to all the students and teachers that went on the walk, I hope they had a good time with the healthy walk, and I expect they will have fun next year.


The Haunted House

By Taylor Welch


As Taylor, Kami, and Brock approached the Albia High School on that cold Saturday night. You could sense the anxiety, and the nerves that everyone felt. As they followed the signs that say “Haunted house line this way” Taylor got even more scared. Then they spotted the long yellow bus heading towards the school to come and take them to the haunted house.


As they packed everybody on that old creaky bus Taylor sat there sitting on Kamis lap. Kami and Brock laughing because Taylor is freaking out. They took off and 5 minutes later they reached the haunted house. As They got off Taylor got chased by a clown she was screaming at the top of her lungs while everyone was laughing hysterically. Finally the clown gave her a break and went to a different girl. As they got in line Taylor searched the area before she even thought about taking a step forward in the line.


While in line this guy wearing a mask came in line to try and scare some of the people. And he got them too. He chased them in a circle as the girls were running they were screaming terribly loud. Then as they turned around they saw Kelsey Carver getting chased by one of the clowns Taylor, Kami, and were all laughing as Kelsey screams in fear running away from the clown.


They reached the point that Taylor was most scared of. Going into the house.. Taylor made Brock go first then her, then Kami. They reached the beginning of the Maze that led into the house they were going along and one of Kamis friends recognized her. They had scared Kami and then yelled out “Taylor wait of me!” so then the guys with the masks and chainsaws went after Taylor. “TAYLOR’S COMING! TAYLOR’S COMING!” The guys yelled chasing her with a chainsaw pointed at her leg. Then finally they let them into the house and “AHHHH” Is all you hear once you step into that house. They were rushed by everyone in the house “Go this way!, No go this way!” Finally they reach a point where they wait for “The doctor” This creepy lady tells them let’s play a game! then she spun a wheel that landed on Taylor’s seat and she told her to come and sit on her chair. But Taylor refused, she made Kami go instead. The lady laughed and pushed a button and the chair made a really loud noise with a red light.


The last room came and separated Brock from the rest of the group. The lady cornered Taylor And told her that she was going to cut her leg off. Then finally she let them threw and Taylor took off. Then this guy started his chainsaw and corned Taylor Kami thought she was going to climb the fence she was so scared then all of a sudden Taylor took off with the guy chasing her. But he finally gave up and left her alone.


“That’s fun let’s do it again” Kami says


Senior Night

By. Brayden Wireman

    As the reporters watched the game last friday night. The Chariton Chargers take on Knoxville for Senior night and Hy-Vee night. The game went strong as the Chargers got pumped up for the game.


    The Chargers played great off a 41-26 win off Knoxville they got one step closer to the playoffs and it was an amazing night for Smyser and his Chargers. TJ Hockenson also vs Knoxville breaks the record for most receiving yards in the state. Hockenson had 11 receptions for 133 yards and 3 touchdowns moving the new record to 48 touchdowns. But the negative thing about going into the playoffs starting slot Dillon Sanders suffered a season ending knee injury on opening kickoff. Also senior Bradley Krutsinger had an amazing night with 5 solos, 1 assist and 10 receptions for 102 yards.


    Fireworks went off after the Charger Victory, Hockenson broke the record, it was a great night in Chariton, Iowa. Next Wednesday our Chargers need all you Chariton people at the game cheering them on with the State Bound starting again.



On september day, there was a big game, we were playing oskaloosa and it was really exciting because we beat them last year so it was a tight games between us 2.It was during school when I was sitting in my seat barly holding it till the intense game. After school Erik invited Vlad and me to his house.


    Us three came to his house had hamburgers and coke. After that we played some video games and before you know it was time for the one and only special game of the year. So we walked to the game and there and there was roaring of the crowd, we were paying and it turned out that there wasn't enough money for Vlad so I asked my brother and he just payed. We found some good front row seats and heard TOUCHDOWN OSKALOOSA on the loudspeakers, I was mad as a wild boar


    Then our “crew” said let's screw the game and we just left to play smear the queer and all of a sudden TOUCHDOWN CHARITON I literally touched the sky and yelled we were winning My whole “crew” was happy