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Newscasts by Period 5 Language Arts


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Eighth Grade Field Trip

Kaylene Stout


Chariton Middle School eighth graders anxiously discussed their upcoming field trip on Friday, November six, 2015, to Indian Hills Community College.


All eighth graders at Chariton Middle School get to anxiously choose three classes they would like to sit in on when they go to Indian Hills Community College.  They had to pick two extra classes just in case they didn’t make it in one of the three classes they chose.


As the eighth grade students anxiously wait for Friday, November six to ride on a very crowded bus full of eighth graders.  When they arrive in Ottumwa, Iowa, the Chariton Middle School will not be the only eighth graders there.  There will be quite a few other schools around Iowa going to Indian Hills Community College on the same day.


They won’t just be in the same classes with different students from different schools.  They will also be eating a really nice lunch with the different students as well.


But for right now the eighth graders have to wait patiently for the day to come.



What is up on open season?

By Steven E Adams 10/29/15

    Four hunting seasons are opening up in two days on 10/24/15.For trappers and rifles and shotguns and all that sort of stuff


Three are trapping for fur on Beaver,Otter,Mink,Muskrats are all open for trapping in two days in the north zone of Iowa.There is hunting or trapping for Raccoon, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Badger, Opossum in the Southern zone of Iowa.

Here are all the hunting zones in Iowa There is also an Central Eco-zone but no hunting seasons are opening up in this area and some of these animals you will have a few shots on them so be like Clint Eastwood and don’t miss much or at all.


    Some other hunting seasons starting up on the 10/31/15 is deer season with Bows all across the state.Also crow season on the 31st this will be the 3rd crow season this year.


    Good luck to you all in hunting deer and all other animals that are available hunting seasons.Have fun and stay down wind what do you smell something.


news story


A teenage chariton boy nearly escaped injury while riding his bicycle on october 10th.


Isaac coker of the age of 14 was riding his schwinn 12 speed bike and was heading down his driveway when he seen that there was a chicken in the way.


His back brakes didn't work so he put on his front brakes right in time for the chicken to move to move out of the way. he shifted left really fast, jumped off of is bike and watched as his brand new schwinn 12 speed blue, ran right into the fence and did a stopee and bounced all over the place it was a sad day for isaac and the schwinn 12 speed blue.


When interviewed, isaac coker, said  “those dumb chickens do it all the time” said isaac “i will have to tell the neighbors to put them up”


Basketball Cheerleading


    The four girls from the basketball cheerleading squad have told us that there have been no other girls from the 7th or 8th grade to sign up. But in their words they said “none might have signed up yet but they will”.

    They said that there practices for basketball starts November 2nd. The time it starts is after school and it ends at 4:00 or a little bit after that. The days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    The cheer captain Mrs. V has been discussing new cheer uniforms and pom poms for cheer. So with all of this exciting news we hope that you will join them and cheer on our team.



When I took my aunt to RAGBRAI in Sioux City

Colin Greiner


Linda Greiner and Colin Greiner went to Trinity Heights in Sioux City and they visited St.Joseph Center and Museum.  On display was a  22 foot-long wood sculpture of the life-size Last Supper, one of only three in-the-round design wood sculptures in the world.It was comleted The last supper was completed in 1993 by award-winning Carver Jerry Trauffer.After they saw the sculpture they watched a video about the sculpture and how it was made.


Jerry Trauffer was born in Le Mars Iowa.Jerry Trauffer used real people to help make the structure. It was a 22-foot long sculpture of life size people.It took him 7 years to make the sculpture.Each sculpture weighed 300 to 200lb.The wood is basswood and pine.



Last Supper wood sculpture at Trinity Heights Sioux City, Iowa


I think we should go on a field trip to this place because its has a lot of history and great to write about.

                -The Walk- By: Riley Mackey

    On Saturday, October 24, 2015, Cornerstone Community Church went on a walk to pass out Fall Festival Flyers, so people would come to our church on beggars night, and we would get them to start coming to church.


    On Saturday, Riley’s friend, Laura and Riley hopped into a car with Riley’s mom, Sarah, sister, and her sisters friend, Jamie. There was a lot of routes they could take, like roads by the High School, by Riley’s house, and even going clear out to Lucas. The Mackey family, Jamie’s family, and Laura’s grandmother all went to take the whole town of Russell. They all split up into groups: Laura and Riley, Sarah and her friend, Laura, Riley’s dad, Ben and Don, with the two girls, Reagan and Jamie.


    Laura and Sarah went South, Don, my dad, and the girls went west, while Laura and Riley went North. They headed down a road where Laura’s grandpa lived. Laura went to the house, where there are a bunch of Halloween stuff. Riley went to the house that was across the street. There was a little girl with a baby doll, she took the flyer and said thank you.


    The next house came around and this was the creepy block. They walked up together with them shivering with fear, and the coldness of the breezy air. They go on the porch, open the door to knock, then all of a sudden, here comes a dog barking it’s head off. Laura and Riley jump off the porch, as they are screaming, and they jump over the beautiful flowers, like they were doing hurdles at a track meet.


    “I think my heart stopped, or I had a heart attack,” Laura says out of breathe.


    “No kidding, whew, glad that’s over,” Riley replies.


    Riley and Laura walk around the block hangin up more and more flyers, and losing less flyers. The whole group was getting low on flyers. Riley and Laura told me all these facts while I interviewed them.   


Cornerstone Church all ran out of flyers by 12:00pm, and they were on everyone’s door in Chariton, Lucas, and Russell. We hope to see everyone there!!!


*                    *                    *

The Fall Festival will be held at Cornerstone Church on October 30, 2015, from 6:00pm-8:30pm. (Beggar’s Night). We hope to see everyone we invited to be there and those who weren’t!!                                                                                             


Catapult Battle

The 8th graders have been building catapults in Ms. Dyer’s science class. The catapults are used as a fun way to teach us about Newton’s three laws of motion.

The catapults are made out of a shoebox, a pencil, a spoon, lots and lots of rubber bands, and a lot of tape. Some of the groups get really competitive with their catapults. They are constantly rushing to make theirs the best of the 8th grade. Some people have launched the ping pong balls up to 9 meter sticks long. And a few people have launched them onto the roof. Making a shoebox catapult is not as easy as it looks. Lots of things can go wrong.

Like, the rubber bands snap, the tape does not hold, or the spoon breaks. And then, there are the lucky groups whose catapults work perfectly and nothing goes wrong. Most of the groups want that perfect, no mistakes, NOTHING whatsoever goes wrong with their catapults. But, that has only happened to a few people. If you win, your whole group will get a lot of extra credit and the 1st place group will get the mystery prize.

The battle for the best catapult in the whole 8th grade is yet to come. Who will get the extra credit? Who will get the the mystery prize? Who will win?


Farthest centimeter By Erik naumchyk ( October 27, 2015 )


In science class with Ms.Dyer the teacher offered the student all of 8th grade that had her class to build a catapult to learn about Newton's laws and what they were studying prior week  .She wanted the students to get a hands on project and to study differently from filling packets .The students gasped and had grins from chin to chin looking at their friends (future partners).

The students first had to learn how to build the original catapult once they were done they had the chance to modificat to build the farthest launching catapult  its will be measured in centimeters . The students had to have 3+ modifications but he catch was they had to keep 3 parts of the original design.So far some of the students  modifyed there catupult’s  to launch past 10 meters and even further .    

There is going to be a face off  between all the students and who  wins  out of the classroooms will go in to the” play off’s” and the winner of all the classroom’swill win the ultimate prize,extra credit and braging right’s.


News Story

    An awesome student event is going on in Ms. Dyers room. For about a week now the 8th graders have been making catapults. She has gave students a week to build and modify their own catapult.

    Then the students will have a contest between their class to see whos shoots the farthest after their modificatoins. They will be measuring in meters. The winner between the class gets extra credit then moves on to the finals it is between the winners in all the classes. Then they will have a contest we dont know where it will be held yet. The champion of it all will get even more extra credit and an extra gift from Ms. Dyer. The contest between the classes were already held we didnt get all the information on all the groups that are going to the finals but one group was Riley Reeces group and they shot 10 meter sticks.

    It sounds like the finals will be close with the measurements i guess we will have to see. It will be held during an assembly on November 5 on an Thursday.

 I believe it will just be 8th graders but maybe all the middle schoolers will get to watch the amazing techniques and building deisgns by the talented 8th graders.


The Moped

P.J. Rich and Kinser Werts were involved in a moped accident on September 19.


It started when PJ Rich went to Kinser Werts’s house for the fall festival in Russell Iowa. Kinser has a 1980 Suzuki moped, known as “The Old Pile of Junk” to people who know it.

  PJ wrecked first.  When he squeezed the front brake to stop the moped, he felt it start to go on it’s side, so he jumped off and started to slide on one foot.  He put his other foot down and managed to stay on his feet.

When Kinser went through the garden, he hit lots of bumps, so at the end he slammed on his brakes and went flying over the handlebars.

Both boys agree that it wasn’t their driving skills but rather the moped itself.

    Never fear, the moped will live to drive another day.


Francis Brandywine

Shelby Snook


On the weekend of October 9th a girl named Francis Brandywine disappeared on a family camping trip in Quetico national preserve.


She was a reckless girl so I heard, she left her family to row a boat out to look at the stars and relax. Once she was on the boat about a half mile from camp she started hearing knocking on the boat. She convinced herself she was just hearing things. But she later realized she wasn't hearing things. The boat showed up on the shore with her diary in it saying in mud “I did knock first”.



Seventeen year old Francis Brandywine mysteriously disappeared early this saturday morning while she was on family vacation at quantico.

We have learned from her parents that she went out in the middle of the night. all that was left was the boat she left in and her diary in the last pages of her diary in a muddy print there was writing that said “I DID KNOCK FIRST”.

The officers on the case where on the new york police department they say that she could have staged it and run away but they say there are no footprints in the area they are having search and rescue search the bottom of lake as we speak. When we went to the parents on the missing girl they said that she always wanted to break new ground in her diary she wrote that there was knocking on the bottom of the vesle. When we asked to see the diary they only let us see the front cover and the last page it wrote veva de Francis. when they are ready to come and talk to us we will have more on the story.

If you go to the park this year the parents ask please look for Francis and not to go out at night and if you do STAY OF THE LAKES.


Francis Brandywine is Missing   

By Kinser Werts P.5

Francis Brandywine was 17 when she went missing at a place called Quetico 3 days ago. She tried to find a quiet spot. So she got on a boat that they rented. So she went to the deep deep lake. Then she heard a knock.


The family came to Quetico for a family Vacation. She tried to find a quiet spot so she could write in her notebook called Viva de Francis. So she got up and got in the rowboat that the family rented. She went into the deep deep lake. She went about halfway out on the lake. She started to write in her notebook. Then she heard a knock. Then another. So she tried to fall asleep to get her mind off it. Then right when she fell asleep she heard it again. Then she got up and tried to go back to shore then she realized something was holding her back. She thought what should she do. Then an ore fell off. So she tried to feel something in the water with the other ore then Something took it. Then she just fell asleep then the next morning the family found the boat with her note book. With the pages opened and it said “I knocked first.”


Quetico is a national park filled with tons of animals and a deep deep lake. That the glaciers made over the years it has been there.


So if you go to Quetico be a look out for a girl. If I was you don’t go into the lake.




       All of the Chariton Middle School students went to the track to walk for Healthy Kids October 7,2015.


The reason why they wanted the students to go to the track is so all of the Chariton Middle School students are healthy. All of the kids was kind of doing what they needed to do but some of the kids was running. Some teachers had told the kids not to run, they said to walk on the track.


“Everyone had took time out of there time out of there day to go to the track and walk around the track” “Said Mrs. Engelhardt”


All of the Chariton MIddle School Students had went to the track to walk for the healthy kids.  


Catapult Newscast

Cain Geesaman

A teacher at Chariton Middle School is having her students build Catapults out of Shoeboxes and things around the room.


    Ms.Dyer a teacher at CMS is letting her students build catapults and firing them once their done. “You guys will have a week to build your catapult. And once you are all done we will have a competition to see who’s shoots the farthest.” Said Ms.Dyer. We went up and talked to one of the groups that was sitting in the corner of the room, and they said “This won’t even be close we will blow them out.”


The next day we went to watch the catapults be launched. The groups have all shot and the distance’s were written on a piece of paper. The group that said it was going to be a blowout won by 200 cm.



The big city of Cedar Falls is the home for the USSSA baseball state tournament from June 26 - 28

    Several kids from Chariton played on the Baker Baseball team. Their hitting coach is Dave Baker, former MLB baseball player, and UCLA baseball player.

    The man who runs this team is Ross bauer, and he is here with us today, so Ross tell me about this team. “Well they are just kids who wanna play ball. we have more teams, but this is our 13 year old team. A few of the players were on the original team back in the summer of 2012, and the rest of them came the next years. The original players on the team are, Bryce hall, Cole Cassady, Trae Hall, and Jalen Howe. I have been coaching them for a while, but I am not the head coach of this team. The head coach is Jeremy Fogle. He is a good coach, and he has a good attitude, and the kids on the team really like him.” They  won their first two games, and if they win their next game tomorrow, they have all day to party.

    In an interview, Jalen Howe, one of the players who has been playing with Baker Baseball for two years, said, “We are all good ball players, and we are all really good pals, so I think we can do really good this tournament.”



                                                   Homecoming Game


It was the seniors last game, as of 2015. Both crowds of fans were cheering for their own teams. The chariton and its players were pumped and ready to conquest the game. Chariton knew they were gonna win it was 32:37 us winning by five. The game timer was glitching 8 seconds, 10 seconds, 7 seconds, and then back to 10 seconds. The ref blew his whistle and the opposing team went for the catch. Somehow they caught it and made the field goal, winning them with 39. The opposing team and crowd went wild, screeching and yelling with victory. Chariton and its team were disappointed, the seniors had lost. The chariton seniors were so sad they cried in the locker room, this was their very last game they would play, unless they went to college and continued their legacy.