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Newscasts by Period 4 Language Arts


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8th grade basketball            



The upcoming season for basketball is getting closer and closer with each day. all of the middle school players are getting more and more excited as the days count down till the first practice.


Players are buying shoes and practicing at home and at the local Chariton Community Center. Everyones working on their ball handling and shooting. Dan Reynolds is going to be our coach this year, Graden Arnold thinks he will be a good coach. The first practice is this week, at 3:30 in the middle school gym. It's almost here!


Every one takes the basketball season here at Chariton Middle School very seriously. Last year the 7th grade boys went 12-1 out of their whole season. Hopefully they can do it again or even go undefeated.


The Start of Basketball         

Tyler Bailiff


    Basketball is starting up and the players are ready. Next week basketball starts and the 8th grade players at CMS are ecstatic.

    “I can’t wait till basketball starts!” one CMS student said. Basketball is a sport that brings people together and creates a competitive environment that kids like. Basketball goes till mid to late February. That means lots of games. They practice everyday after school.

They play a lot of people around them. Last year they did really good.  Last year A team won all but one. This year they are looking to go undefeated. Good luck CMS basketball.



      The New Baby

It was a S,,,unday morning on October 25, in Des Moines, Iowa, where Hanna Judson, a 22 year old female, had an 8lb 6oz baby named Noah Joseph Judson, who was born at 2:59 pm. It was a natural birth that took 33 hours.


Field trip.                

By: Ava DeMaria


On November 6th Chariton Middle School and surrounding areas eighth grade students will be going on a field trip to Indian Hills Community College. They will be attending three classes of their choice, that they are interested in for their future careers.


At Chariton Middle School the eighth graders took a survey in their reading teachers class to pick what three classes they want to take. Their reading teacher,Mrs. Goldsmith said, “Their is a laser technology class, the type of lasers that surgeons use, the kids last year told me that it was a very good class to be in.”


The students will be leaving school in the morning and will have a fun trip to the college and when they get there they will be going to their classes that they picked. After the classes or between the classes the will eat lunch and then after all the classes and lunch they will head back to the school to finish up the school day. They will be gone for most of the day but back in time to finish up the last few classes.


Chariton Middle School Yearbook           

                By. Alyssa Elliott


Click!, Ping!,and the sounds of students frustration could be heard as the Chariton Middle School Yearbook worked on their pages.


The Middle School Yearbook Committee has been working hard, and

brainstorming ideas for this years yearbook.The middle school teacher, Denise Lazear, is in charge of this years yearbook committee, another teacher, Laura Engelhardt has been assisting the yearbook also.


    Most of the committee members would say, “ This is a lot of fun, but sometimes it's boring”. But others especially, Madison Peterson and Lance Wallace would say, “I love it and it is fun to capture some of the memorable moments of the students and have them in a yearbook”. Denise Lazear, would add “ I love working with the student’s, and helping wrap up all of the memories into the yearbook.”.


Some students would whisper, ask each other questions, and argue as others would laugh and play around. This years yearbook committee has had a larger amount of students, than previous years. You might ask yourself questions like, should I join or would I like it?


Indian Hills Field Trip

Bobbi Evans

    There will be a field trip coming up on November 6th, for all eighth graders at the Chariton Middle School, and encompassing areas. For the field trip, the 8th graders will be going to Indian Hills Community College, to get inside information on careers that they are interested in.

All of the 8th graders at the middle school, took a survey in Mrs. Goldsmith’s reading class, on the classes they are planning to take. Each student will be getting three specific classes that they picked. A few of the classes that were offered, were cosmetology, culinary arts, and photography. One of the classes recommended by Mrs. Goldsmith, was a laser technology class.

“ The laser technology class is a fun class, where you will actually have hands on work.” Mrs. Goldsmith had told her classes.

The Chariton district has been taking their 8th grade students to attend this field trip on careers, for around 6-7 years now.  All kids attending the field trip, will be driven to the college at 8:30 am, by buses, and picked up directly after lunch.

Most all 8th grade students at our local middle school, are very excited to be getting the opportunity to attend these classes, and so are the teachers!




The CMS Student Council's yearly trip to IACS Resulted in a significant way.

The bus arrived at the school at 6:50 and the eager faces, still a little tired loaded the dark school  bus.

It was 9:30 and they had arrived at the crowded collage. High schoolers, and Either grades gathered in their little groups and discussed about the places there were to go. There were panflicts handed out setting where everything was and the classroom numbers.


Every ground made their way to the what seemed to look like an auditorium, or gym. As they were all seated, there was a group of college or high schoolers on stage trying to get the crowed pumped. “ Burrito” and the crowned would yell back. “BURRITO”

“Taco bell”




The crowd settled as the speakers came up to the stage.

Soon after the “assembly” was over the students split into groups of 2-4. And set off to find their classes.


The ideas were shared in every class on showing them how to make their school better, either by activities, fundraising or building a better bond with each other.


Student Council

By: Madison  Pedersen

On the morning of October 21st at 7:30 in the morning, the Student Council Members met in Ms. Hamilton’s room to discuss the different topics about the school by voting on or discussing them.

    This morning the members of student council met in the art room to discuss the dance dates and what the decorations will be like. They discussed the Chariton Middle School Food Drive. They made poster’s listing the foods and the details about it. The 8th graders are going to a state conference in Des Moines on Monday, October 26th. They are going to learn about different things. more on that later. There are also 6th and 7th graders on the committee. Ms. Hamilton stats “This takes a lot of time.” They also work the volleyball and basketball concession stands during the home games. This takes time to set up and they don’t get done till the game is over.

They are trying to make the school and community a better place.


The Catapults

Briar Rich

In Miss Dyer’s 5th Period there is several groups of people making catapults. She had them make it a certain way to ensure that they had theirs working right. Once they had that done she allowed them to add or make changes to their catapults.


One group (Brody, Patriot, Ashton, Dillon) had asked if they could turn theirs into a slingshot and Miss Dyer approved. They added a very big exercise band to you as the thing to pull back. They had to reinforce the body of the catapult because the cardboard was to weak to pull back the band. They added two dowels to the long side to have a wider slingshot. They added a lot of duct also to help keep it it place. After they had everything in place, they took it outside for testing. They had to have two people holding it in order to keep it in place while pulling it back. When they let the band go the ball went flying, It went at least 12 meter sticks. The only thing that went wrong with it was that it only would count for the winner of the slingshot group not the catapult group. But i guess it was still worth it, i mean they still got some extra credit.


                Eighth Graders Going to College                      

Cassie Sommers

Chariton Iowa eighth graders are going to Indian Hills on November 6th 2015. They are going to Indian Hills college so they can start learning about what they want to do when they get older. In Mrs. Goldsmith's reading class the students picked five careers that they want to go to. Like if you picked photography then you would go to a class and there would be someone there that would tell you about photography. You pick five but you only can go to three because you pick two extra ones incase you can’t go to the first three. You only have a limited amount of time and there are going to be like five other eighth grade schools going. The students had about twenty to thirty different classes to pick from. They have a wide variety of careers to pick from. Another reminder that this is happening November 6, 2015.   


Indian hills college

leanne stoddard

On friday November 6, 2015 the students of Chariton Middle School will be going to take their first look at Indian Hills college.

The 8th grade class from Chariton Middle School are going to be going the the Indian Hills College on November 6, 2015. Mrs. Goldsmith an 8th grade teacher will be taking them from about 8:30 - 2:00. They will be going through three choice career classes and learn about each one. Each student will be given a t shirt with the Indian Hills logo on the front. They have classes such as Cosmetology, Nursing, teaching, and many more choices for young students to learn about. Because the middle school will be touring here the Indian Hills students however will not be at the college that day. Very few college students and professor so they can teach about careers.

If interested please tell the principal at chariton middle school for information on this trip.

another reminder that this is happening november 6, 2015.


Field Trip

Ashton Vitale


On November 6, 2015 the Chariton Middle School 8th graders and other schools around us will be going to Indian Hills Community College for career day.

     In their reading class, Mrs. Goldsmith had  the kids filled out a survey and choose what classes they are interested in. The kids will be leaving in the morning around 8:30. The kids will get back probably around 7th period.

    Chariton 8th graders have been going to Indian Hills Community College for a lot of years and the kids will have a lot of fun Mrs. Goldsmith had said.


Dodgeball Gone Wild

By: Lance K. Wallace  


On October 14, CMS seventh and eighth students played intense game of dodgeball. Team red was playing team blue in a tournament match of best of 3 games. Alex Leckie, Virginia Smith, Logan Demicals, and Chase Swanson were highlight players on team red. Isaac Coker, Jeremiah Harbon, Ryan Ellis, the associate, and Trinity Rogers were highlight players on the blue team. Who will win…

    Around the middle of the game the started to get interesting as Alex Leckie throws the ball at the associate to get her out, but the associate had other ideas and caught the ball. after a little while longer Virginia Smith catches a ball and gives her team another chance to win. Isaac Coker answers Virginia’s catch and starts taking out the red team. As it looked like the blue team was done for Jeremiah Harbon catches a ball and gives his team a chance to fight back.

    A few minutes passed by as one team through the ball and the other dodged it. Then Logan Demicals stretches his arm back as far ass he could and makes a very lucky catch as he caught it with his finger tips. That gave the red team yet another chance to win the game. The Logan turns around and nails Ryan Ellis in the chest as he tries to make the catch. Then Trinity Rogers takes out two red team players with one ball. Isaac is trying to bring the blue team back in the game and give them some life as they are outnumbered 3 to 15. The blue team ends up losing game one.

    As game two starts the blue team was being mowed over until Ryan Ellis makes a spectacular catch to save his team from losing the game. At one point Chase Swanson  attempts to bait Ryan into coming too close to him. When Ryan finally stepped up and catches the ball that chase through right at him. This catch saves the blue team and the game ended.

    Mr. Zimmerly the physical education teacher says that his students enjoy playing regular dodgeball just as much as prisemball. He says that he was surprised that his students didn’t like prisemball more than dodgeball.



Practice for the 8th grade guys start the 29th which is next week. But for our traveling team we have already started practice this will be our second practice today. Every 8th grader can’t wait until basketball starts because they like basketball.

The first practice of the year Jordan Wood about sprained  ankle and Jordan would have been out for like a game or two.

Then after that they did a drill and he walked it off and it didn’t hurt anymore then practice was over. The traveling team had practice yesterday and that was a good practice because he didn’t roll my ankle at all that practice, and Jordan felt pretty good that he didn’t do it again. The practice for the whole 8th grade starts this Thursday and we have a meeting today for it and everyone is talking about it and they are really excited to have the meeting so they can start practicing.



On November 6th the 8th graders from Chariton Middle School and other Middle Schools around Iowa are going to Indian Hills Community College attend classes that they chose to participate in. I chose to go to a class where they teach you how to become a welder because that is what one of my interests are. Other students chose classes of their own interest and will be going to classes that teach them how to do what they chose to do. I think it will be a fun and an inspiring day for us to help us pick a career in the future that we would enjoy and love to do when we grow up.




Catapults in Science Class



It was a warm, cold morning and everyone was going to the first period of school. In the first period everyone in Science worked on catapults. There was four groups of people, each group had a catapult.Group two had Jalen, Daniel, Chandler, and Zack.


They just got their catapult to add modifications. The teacher had a challenge for everybody,

the first group done would get duct tape and group 2 won so Daniel went  to get a role. When he got back they added modifications to it using the duct tape. They added more and bigger rubber bands, they added a stand so the back was higher, because their catapult shot to high. When they went to test it, the stand bent and they had to change it so they bent it more so it was like a triangle but it was missing one side. Once all of the modifications were done and it was the day of the contest but Zack wasn't there, it was just Jalen, Daniel, and Chandler. Their catapult got 3rd place.


On monday Zack was asking how it went. They said that they got 3rd because the stand malfunctioned. The final contest for all the science classes winners was soon so wait to see what happened.