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Newscasts by Period 3 Language Arts


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Science Catpults

Skyler Barning


Mrs. Dyer's 8th grade science classes are building catapults for newton's law unit. Mrs.Dyer tried making this unit a very hands on unit by letting students build a catapult and actually launch it. While some students didn't really like the unit others enjoyed being able to have a hands on experience with newton's law.     

With the project they originally just built a normal boring catapult.Once they finished the original they allowed people to do modifications and see who is able to launch theirs the farthest. Many people had different ideas to modify their catapult they added Hair ties,ladles,and even mouse traps. Many people didn't think very carefully and there catapult flopped. They would try to add too many things and once trying to launch it failed and fell apart or didn't even shoot the ping pong ball.

Many people would just get up and walk off and try again they didn't get all huffy and puffy. The modifications sometimes help launch the ping pong ball and other times it makes it worse and you can’t get it to launch. This reporter has watched a few get shot. Some people are using stronger tension items such as yoga bands which are one of the most strongest things you can use to launch the ball. In the next week they will be having a contest to see who can launch the ball the farthest and if they launch it the farthest they get extra credit and Whoever gets first place in the eighth grade battle with get another significant prize. This reporter have watched many people launch them and some of them go up to 8 meter sticks. A team in Mrs.Dyer's 7th period science class Has a group that has tried using yoga bands and rubber bands so that when it launches it will have a good amount of tension. But while they were trying to put it on it wouldn't stay put like the way they wanted it to so they said they might have to go back to the stronger rubber bands.

When people launch their catapult it flings ideas. They have said that this unit is one of the most fun units so far and they hope they can do more hands on stuff like this.


Genius Hour

By: Brooklynn Beal


In Genius Hour, the class is supposed to find something and do the project over it. Some do it over sports, places in the world, and animals.

    All the students have 1 semester to work on their projects for Genius Hour. Most of the kids don’t work and they just screw around the whole class hour. Some people work and others are running around, being loud, and distracting the kids that are trying to work. The kids that are screwing around, won’t get a good grade on their project.

    The projects are due December 14-15. Kids have to have them done to present in front of the whole 8th grade. The kids that ran and screwed around during class will get into trouble for not doing work, bad presenting, and bad job getting it ready. This project is worth 75% of our grade, and if this project is incomplete, their gonna get an F.

    Screwing around and bothering others during this class is gonna be bad for those kids. 75% of your grade is a big deal, and mess it up, that’s gonna be a bad choice.


New Classes

by Dylan Cain

This year teachers and principals have made new classes for CMS students to help or interest them.


The teachers and staff at CMS have added new classes to the school. The new classes are to energize or help kids at school. Some of the new classes are Genius hour and Mythology those are meant to be enjoyable. There’s really only one class that helps student which is Reading Strategies.


I interviewed some of the kids at CMS and they had some ideas on new classes. Most of them said that they want a wood shop class. In an interview Dylan Cain stated “ I don’t mind shop class but something my friends and I really want is a second P.E. because a lot of people enjoy it because you get to move around and not have to sit in a desk all day.”


Some teachers say that some of the classes are good to have so the kids mind is stretched and is made to work hard. Jordan Wood stated “ I agree with what the teachers are saying.”


There are lots of new classes out there, who knows where CMS will go next.

   The Great Dodgeball War  

by:Logan Demichelis


Yesterday at CMS chariton middle school the 3rd period 7th and 8th grade P.E. class was filling the whole school with noise in a game of prison ball. They battled well but in the end only one team could win as the balls flew like bullets across the gym, hitting the wall and letting out a tremendous BANG!!!! as people who had been hit sigh and walk to the bleachers.


    The first game ended and Mr Pierschbacher walked out put the balls back then he started the second game every student sprinted for a ball the ones who didn’t get a ball ran to the back as fast as they could so they wouldn’t get hit. Then the balls were in air once again, some students were dodging the balls, some students were catching them. one team was clearly struggling the other was dominating.


Close to the end one team had everyone in the other only had a few it was almost time for them to just face defeat but the other team didn’t give up they kept battling they fought to the end. it was down to a couple people on both teams but there was only 7 minutes left in class .


Mr Pierschbacher walked out and stopped the match he then told everyone to go change and that was that one match was won the other was tied.            


Missing in Quetico

By  Ryan Ellis


   Today a 17 year old girl named Francis Disappeared at Quetico National Park. She was gone last night and was never seen again.

“She usually wanted to be by herself.” said the parents on the day we were there.


   We found a notebook in the boat we think she may haved used because it had her handwriting in it. Every page was talking about how the boat was rocking and had an unusual knocking noise.


  On the last page it said something quite weird and it was covered in mud and it said “I’m the one who knocked first.”  we still don’t know who the person or thing wrote this sentence.


    “We believe it may be or mysterious legend about the  Quetico monster.” The sheriff said being sarcastic.


    “Francis was independent, had black hair, smoked, and she wants to be alone!” says the mother of Francis Mary Brandywine.


 Francis disappeared at the deepest lake in Quetico at about 300 feet.


 Quetico is a hundred acre park which had many lakes that were formed by glaciers. Quetico has a wonderful camping ground and a good fishing area.


  Make sure you guys bring your cell phones  and a flashlight so we can all maybe and hopefully find Francis Brandywine. Also make sure you don’t go to the lake in Quetico at the night it is now dangerous.


Logan Dobberthein


The crowds are cheering everyone is yelling so you know what that means… the chariton middle school wrestling season is coming soon so be ready when it does. The CMS wrestling coach Mr.Anderson has decided to start up the wrestling practices on monday november 2, 2015 right after school i was able to email him a few questions to answer one of them was how many meets are their this year and his reply was “around 9 meets”, I asked him about where most of the meets would be and his reply was “they will be around norwalk, albia, melcher, knoxville.” Also Coach anderson isn’t just the 7th and 8th grade wrestling coach he is also a teacher, the freshman cross country coach, and the 7th and 8th grade track coach if you have a question about one of those things he probably has the answer but when it comes to high school wrestling there is only one man that can show that much discipline in a single season and he is Mr. wood and he has been the wrestling coach for a while he can keep a team in check big or small tough or soft he could handle it and he would make them better by 110%  Mr. Wood maybe old but he knows the best when it comes to teaching teams how behave and how to perform


Catapults for Science

Patriot Ghormley

In Chariton I.A. the middle school is having a science/competition for the whole 8th grade. The teacher Kari Dyer is trying to make the students understand Newton's laws of motion with the action of the catapults as the laws of motion come into play.


As one team fly towards the best catapult Patriot, Ashton, Dylan, Briar and Brody have made their catapult into a slingshot. But there's another team that is rivaling this team, as they claim that there catapult can shoot the ping-pong ball 18 meters, as the other team can get 16-17 meters they think that they can win it all, they have not heard any rumors about any other teams with good range.The testing is to commence on October 23 2015 and the winners of all of the individual classes will compete in the championship to win extra credit points!


The next day they the classes tested in their period and Patriot, Ashton, Dylan, Briar and Brody won their class, with the distance of 1,200+  and in the 7th period class which includes Jaxon, Denis, Colby, Kane, tied with 5th period with 1,200+ centimeters.     





Sometime in november wresling is starting its at the Armory there are many coaches to help all of us kids.Their are different coaches for different grades coach Anderson is for 7th and 8th grade.


When wrestling starts we talk for a little bit about the season and what is gonna happen. Coach Anderson reminds us all if we get 2 F’s in school we can't go to meets then we get to work we do are scratches then we run for 20 minutes mr. Anderson makes us work harder he yells “ come on run faster “.


When we are done running we do a lil practice which is a little fun we do single legs, and double legs, to start off then we do down’s and escapes you are supposed to go with a partner who's  better than you so they can push you to work harder. Sometime we work with the high schoolers which they push you hard and make you work.


After we're done with everything we talk for a little then we all get in a big circle and put are hands in then we pick what we yell out  then we all go take a shower it's important to do that so you don't get ringworm then you're free to go home.



By: Tiffany Kern


During the fall from the end of september to the end of february several middle school kids go hunting with their compound bows. Some of the boys and girls miss a day or two of school to go hunting when they come back they talk about if they shot a deer. Some of the questions people hear are what did you shot a buck or a doe? “ I shot a buck”!!         

Some kids that don't have a bow or do not go hunting are always like “I really wish that I could go hunting but my parents will not buy me a bow or let me go hunting with them”. Kids are showing tons of pics of the buck or doe that they shot. The kids look like fat penguins as they waddle out to their blind or tree stand with all of their heavy gear on.     

Be careful when walking in the woods be sure to like for the color orange there might be hunts out hunting and you could run deer off if you are not careful.





Missing girl

Sofia Krongart


In Quetico, a natural preserve located between Minnesota and Canada, a young girl named Francis Brandywine at age 17 disappeared mysteriously.

It was late fall, and Francis was camping with her family. One night when her family was sleeping, Francis woke up and decided to stargaze. According to her notebook, she took out a book and rowed to the middle of the lake, half a mile from shore, 300 feet deep.

Francis settled down when she heard a quiet knocking under her boat. She looked over the edge. There was nothing. She thought she and imagined it all and layed back down, relaxing. Once again Francis heard a knocking. This time it was clearer and louder. The boat rocked slightly. She looked over the edge. She saw nothing.

KNOCK! KNOCK! The boat tipped from side to side dangerously. Francis was scared. As she looked around another knocking came from knocking came from the bottom. According to her notebook, the boat flew out of the water. Francis didn’t wait to see what would happen next. She grabbed her oars and started rowing as fast as she could.

Francis was exhausted in half an hour. Then she found out the boat hadn’t moved at all. Something was holding down her boat. So Francis got her oar and poked around in the water and under her boat. Something grabbed the oar and jerked it out of her hands. Francis was really scared. After a while she convinced herself she had imagined everything even though she didn’t have her oar anymore. According to her notebook, the knocking continued all night.

Francis’s family woke up on a beautiful morning. The sun was shining but something wasn’t quite right. Francis was missing! According to her parents, they called the police and the police found the boat at the other side of the lake. Her notebook lay open, and with muddy fingers was written, “I did knock first.” The mud was fresh and even a few wet drops of water remained on the open page.

There had been no trace of Francis even though the police and looked everywhere for her. Her parents said to call them for more information and to please watch out for her and to be careful.


CMS science project

Alex legkiy

Last two weeks of October CMS 8th graders were building catapults in the science classroom. They was  listening and writing about Force=mass X acceleration and they wanted to learn more about it so they went there for more information. They all were all excited when it was time to launch and see whose catapult was the best in their class. It was time. The groups all grabbed their catapult and put them behind the tape. Kids nervous,sweaty hands after the first launch the ping pong ball went flying in the air passing 4 yardsticks and half of the next while the teacher records their length. As the next team was putting theirs up they were thinking in their head saying please bet them please beat them. They launched and the ball goes twice as far it was amazing and they won the class with 7 yardsticks they were so happy. Then one student Jaxon Pollard, said, “Want to learn something about our technology”?  He also won a shirt from us. He was really happy. Then everyone said bye and they left.


CMS science project

Alex legkiy

Last two weeks of October CMS 8th graders were building catapults in the science classroom. They was  listening and writing about Force=mass X acceleration and they wanted to learn more about it so they went there for more information. They all were all excited when it was time to launch and see whose catapult was the best in their class. It was time. The groups all grabbed their catapult and put them behind the tape. Kids nervous,sweaty hands after the first launch the ping pong ball went flying in the air passing 4 yardsticks and half of the next while the teacher records their length. As the next team was putting theirs up they were thinking in their head saying please bet them please beat them. They launched and the ball goes twice as far it was amazing and they won the class with 7 yardsticks they were so happy. Then one student Jaxon Pollard, said, “Want to learn something about our technology”?  He also won a shirt from us. He was really happy. Then everyone said bye and they left.


                           Piper’s New Worker

Christy Petty

A Chariton women is the luckiest person alive! Anne Ballard has been looking anxiously for a job, to take care of her growing family. Jill Kerns, manager of Piper’s candy, offered her a job at Piper’s. Anne has to work in the back, with other people, and make candy.  She says, “ Her first day, she was making chocolate covered almonds!”

Jill was sick, when Anne started, but she recovered and, on the next day, she was back on her feet.

After asking Anne Ballard many questions.  She says, “ It gets very busy especially when the Charitone Hotel, is always demanding mints, for their restaurant.” She’s been working there for at least two weeks, according to what she said. She says that the workers there are pretty nice, but some have tempers, but not all the time. She says if you mess up on a candy, you either, take your time and fix it, or throw it away, or you eat it.

    Anne also told me that the manager, Jill Kerns, has cancer in her lymph nodes, it was sad, when she told me, she is such a nice lady! She said that Jill may pass the store down, or sell it. She tells me how she enjoys working there.  She also says, how she makes something new everyday. She hopes that Jill passes the store to her.


there were many excited kids thinking of ideas for her 8th grade cms science catapult. It was a nice sunny day in this perfect afternoon which would be good for these kids. They went outside to see if the wind was blowing your could hear frogs belching there was no wind noticed one surprised kid. They were about to launch their explosive catapult but right then a ginormous breeze of wind kicked in. They all wanted to be the best for bragging rights to miss. Dyer's best catapult makers some of the kids like jaxon wanted extra credit points. miss dyer was so impressed that a shoebox with tape and a pencil with a spoon  taped on it could shoot so far. some people such as jaxon just had the genetics of building. they would all need to step up their game if they wanted to finish by the approaching due date. Two days later the catapult was due. people were talking to thier groups Jaxon said to vlad get ready we're up next. they were all competitive, none had faith in them but surprisingly they won the whole thang.


Will Swarthout


It was October 14, 2015, Mr. Pierschbacher’s Physical Education class was having a Prison Ball showdown.


Some of the star players that game were Riley Reece, Logan Caudill, and Jackson Curnutte. All three were making plays and getting action.  Riley Reece hit many people, getting them out.  Logan was antagonizing the other team and making them angry.  Jackson Curnutte was a star catcher by catching so many thrown balls, putting the throwers into “prison.”


But the main story of the game did not come from either one of those three. It was about 5 minutes into their first game of Prison Ball, Riley Reece was on fire- throwing people out left and right, Jackson Curnutte had also already had a number of ridiculous catches, Carson Rector was bound to get his share in this competition.  Carson tried to throw the dodgeball at a student sitting on bleachers, narrowly missing his head, just to be funny.  He was laughing and pointing at him, but little did he know that Mr. Pierschbacher, the P.E. coach saw the whole thing.


Carson and Mr. P. made eye contact with each other, Carson with a smile on his face, and Pierschbacher with a glare. Mr. Pierschbacher hand motioned to Carson that he was automatically out. Carson was in shock. He said “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!!” and threw his hands up in confusion. Mr. P. instantly said “NO. And now for arguing you have to catch TWO balls to come back in, instead of one.” Carson then kicked a ball that was beside him into the bleachers and Mr. Pierschbacher stood up and pointed at Carson to go where he needs to go, and threatened him to go to the principal's office Carson then scampered over to where he needed to be, and was out for the remainder of the game.


P.E. gives us some of the most exciting times of our day.


Nick Wood

News Cast


A catapult or slingshot, made out of a shoebox ,tape, and wooden dowel may launch a ping pong ball 80 meters.


The teacher had a slingshot and a catapult section.

The competition was between the 2 groups of Brody and Jaxon. Both catapult was really powerful. But Brody’s was like a monster slingshot.

Jaxon catapult could launch about 12 meters. The set up his duck tape all around the box with exercise bands launching the ping pong ball out of the spoon. There were four exercise bands pulling the spoon back.


Brody’s slingshot could launch about 18 meters, Jaxon had a challenge. Brody has duct tape all round with the slingshot stable. Jaxon turned his into a sling shot the next day. He has two catapults so one has an exercise bands launching and the other ones just small can't explain it.


Then there was a girl group up there in the slingshot, could launch about 12. It was  pink to a heavily build slingshot. The challenge was really between Brody and Bobbi.

Brody says his could beat anyone's and by the looks of it I think it true. The catapult winner was Vlad and it went farther than one of the slingshot.


People fighting for first place, for either the bragging right or extra credit. There will be an epic competition.


Chariton middle school project for science. Who can fly the farthest with the ping pong ball.

Will the winner be a slingshot or a catapult. It was be something to talk about.

Come watch this amazing show see who goes the farthest.