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90 minute early dismissal, Wednesday April 25, 2018!
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    2nd Graders - Working Hard on Fact Fluency

    Mrs. Paige's 2nd Grade students are seen using XtraMath.com on their iPads. (See photos)

    This app helps them increase their fact fluency.  It takes 10 minutes, and they do it everyday.  The purpose is to help transition the students from counting or calculating the basic math facts to recalling them. 

    In addition, there are individual reports for the teachers to monitor the individual student’s progress!




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    Safety Drills Planned

    Dear Chariton Families,
    In the next few weeks, all Chariton Community School District students and staff will be participating in the following safety drills: reverse evacuation drill, clear the halls drill, and lock out drill.

    ●   Reverse evacuation is an emergency response that may be issued when there is an emergency outside the building requiring all students and staff to return inside. For example, if an unsafe situation developed outdoors near the school, a reverse evacuation response would be issued. During a reverse evacuation drill, the following procedures will be practiced:
    o    Students will be directed to the nearest entrance
    o    Once indoors, students will be directed to return to classrooms
    o    Additional emergency responses will be issued if warranted

    ●   Clear the halls is an emergency response that may be issued when there is a need to clear the hallways and confine students and staff to their rooms. For example, if there was a medical emergency with a student, a clear the halls response would be issued. During a clear the halls drill, the following procedures will be practiced:
    o    All students and staff will go into their classroom and teaching will continue
    o    Those not in a classroom should report to the nearest classroom
    o    Teachers will take attendance and report any missing or extra students to the office
    o    Unassigned adults will assist where needed

    ●   Lock out is an emergency response that may be used when there is a potential threat in the general vicinity or community at large. For example, if there was a bank robbery in the Chariton area, a lock out would be issued. During a lock out drill, the following procedures will be practiced:
    o    Doors and windows will be closed, covered, and locked
    o    Teachers will continue teaching unless otherwise instructed
    o    No one will leave or enter the building during the duration of the lock out response

    We are asking for your help to prepare and reassure your child of the importance of these drills. During the drills, your child can expect to hear an announcement over the intercom, along with instructions for students to follow the direction of their teacher. All staff members will then follow the procedures outlined above. During this time, building administrators will be checking to ensure all students are safe and accounted for. At no time during the drills will anyone enact an emergency to create a real-life simulation.

    While CCSD has several security measures in place, nothing can take the place of practice. These drills, like our evacuation (fire) and shelter-in-place (severe weather) drills, need to be practiced so that in the event we would issue a response, CCSD students and staff are well-prepared to follow our safety procedures.

    The real benefit of our safety drills is to give students, staff, and parents a sense of comfort knowing there are precautions and procedures in place. Parents play an important role in talking to their child before and after safety drills regarding what will/has happened, how they felt, and any questions they may have.

    Thank you for your support in these safety drills. Please contact any school office with questions or concerns.


    Ms. Paula Wright

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    Homecoming 2018

    Homecoming 2018 will be October 5, 2018 vs Saydel.

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    2018-2019 School Calendar

    During the February 12, 2018 School Board meeting, the Board of Directors adopted the 2018-2019 school calendar.  A link to the 2018-2019 calendar is attached to this article.  We are still waiting for the 2018-2019 football schedule.  Once we have that, we will be able to schedule Homecoming. 

    2018-2019 School Calendar


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    Use the following link to sign up for email newsletters, updates, and important reminders from the Chariton Community School District via email.


    You can opt IN or opt OUT at any time!  If you have any questions, please call our office 641-774-5967.

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    Infinite Campus Mobile Portal for Parents

    Infinite Campus (CCSD Student Information System) is now available to all parents and students as a mobile app.  Parents and students can now access their Campus Portal information on Android and iOS devices using the Campus Mobile Portal app. 

    Follow the MOBILE APP DIRECTIONS to download the app today!  If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact your building administrator.

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