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Coaches Directory

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Coach Email
Head Coach Curt Smyser curt.smyser@chariton.k12.ia.us
Asst. Coach Lee Sandy  
Asst. Coach Bob Cain  
Asst. Coach Lee Cain  
Asst. Coach Nic Dau nic.dau@chariton.k12.ia.us
JV/Asst. Coach Josh Snook josh.snook@chariton.k12.ia.us
9th/Asst. Coach Tracy Hall tracy.hall@chariton.k12.ia.us
8th Head Coach Perry Lane perry.lane@chariton.k12.ia.us
7th Head Coach Chad Darrah chad.darrah@chariton.k12.ia.us
7th Asst. Coach Bill Brown bill.brown@chariton.k12.ia.us
Cross Country    
Head Girls Coach Tom Anderson tom.anderson@chariton.k12.ia.us
Head Boys Coach Randy Adams  
MS Boys and Girls Coach Cole Pierschbacher cole.pierschbacher@chariton.k12.ia.us
Head Coach Jana Cain jana.cain@chariton.k12.ia.us
JV/Asst. Coach Deb Seuferer deb.seuferer@chariton.k12.ia.us
9th/Asst. Coach Shannon Paige  
8th Head Coach Christopher Watkins  
7th Head Coach Brandi Wenndt  
Head Girls Coach Lee Sandy  
JV/Asst. Coach Sue Curnutte sue.curnutte@chariton.k12.ia.us
9th/Asst. Coach Bill Brown bill.brown@chariton.k12.ia.us
8th Girls Head Coach Jeanna Snook jeanna.snook@chariton.k12.ia.us
7thGirls  Head Coach Rachel Schoenig  
Head Boys Coach Ben Schooley ben.schooley@chariton.k12.ia.us
JV/Asst. Coach Jay Pierschbacher jay.pierschbacher@chariton.k12.ia.us
9th/Asst. Coach Chad Lynch  
8th Boys Head Coach Dan Reynolds  
7th Boys Head Coach    
Head Coach Jamie Cochran  
JV/Asst. Coach Chay Wood  
MS Head Coach Tom Anderson tom.anderson@chariton.k12.ia.us
Track & Field    
Head Girls Coach Bob Cain  
Asst. Coach Deb Seuferer deb.seuferer@chariton.k12.ia.us
Head Boys Coach Josh Snook josh.snook@chariton.k12.ia.us
Asst. Coach Curt Smyser curt.smyser@chariton.k12.ia.us
8th Girls Coach Tom Anderson tom.anderson@chariton.k12.ia.us
7th Girls Coach Kari Dyer kari.dyer@chariton.k12.ia.us
8th Boys Coach    
7th Boys Coach Dina Lewis dina.lewis@chariton.k12.ia.us
Head Girls Coach JJ Stout jjstout@chariton.k12.ia.us
Head Boys Coach Ben Schooley ben.schooley@chariton.k12.ia.us
Head Girls Coach Dennis St. Lawrence  
Head Boys Coach Cole Pierschbacher cole.pierschbacher@chariton.k12.ia.us
Head Girls Coach    
Head Boys Coach Brian Zimmerli brian.zimmerli@chariton.k12.ia.us
Head Coach Deb Seuferer deb.seuferer@chariton.k12.ia.us
JV/Asst. Coach Kris Bengtson kris.bengtson@chariton.k12.ia.us
9th/Asst. Coach Tanna Seuferer  
Head Coach Jake Schroeder  
JV/Asst. Coach Alex Wright alex.wright@chariton.k12.ia.us
9th/Asst. Coach Perry Lane perry.lane@chariton.k12.ia.us
Asst. Coach Craig Spiker  
Drill Team    
Head Coach Bobby Jo Vastine  
Asst. Coach Chelsy Wickett  
Football Coach Hannah Smith hannah.smith@chariton.k12.ia.us
Wrestling Coach Susie Thurmond susie.thurmond@chariton.k12.ia.us
Basketball Coach Brooke Howell  



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